Tour Activities

When booking a guided tour for your group, you have the opportunity to participate in a special activity if time allows. These fun, engaging activities are designed to give students a better understanding of our mission as a political history museum, our historic building or one of our current exhibits. Each activity is designed with different age groups and interests in mind and should last between 15 and 20 minutes.

  • Civil Rights and Voting ( designed for younger students) - Students are challenged with understanding the importance of voting and what it means when certain groups are not given that right. Then, they will get the opportunity to vote and meet candidates who represent both sides of the same issue!
  • Representative Democracy (designed for older students) - Students will elect representatives, then role-play as active constituents given scenarios where things are going very well, or perhaps going horribly wrong! Experiencing "democracy in action" is a dynamic and fun way to understand how a representative democracy is supposed to work "for the people."
  • Meet the Artifact (designed for all students) - Students will work in groups to determine the significance of historic artifacts, what a museum does, and the importance of artifacts in telling an accurate historical story of the past.
  • The Leading Role (designed for older students) - Students will work in groups to answer questions based on what is discerned by visiting different exhibits in the museum. Then, they will present their findings to the rest of the group. The role of this building has changed over time - let's find out why and how it continues to serve the public!

Please contact our Education Coordinator, Caroline Kennedy for more information or call 225-342-0500.