Tour Activities

When booking a guided tour for your group, you have the opportunity to participate in a special activity if time allows. These fun, engaging activities are designed to give students a better understanding of our mission as a political history museum, our historic building or one of our current exhibits. Each activity is designed with different age groups and interests in mind and should last between 15 and 20 minutes.

  • The History of Amendments, Civil Rights, and Voting (adapted for all ages) - Students are challenged with understanding the importance of voting and what it means when certain groups are not given that right. Two will be chosen as public speaking volunteers in which they will represent candidates presenting two different sides of an issue. Then, everyone will get the opportunity to vote.
  • Curator’s Activity: Meet the Artifacts (adapted for all ages, must have a minimum of 20 minutes for this activity)- Students will learn the role of a museum curator as they answer questions about different artifacts to decide if they should be included in the museum’s collection. Students will work together to determine the significance of historic artifacts, what a museum does, and the importance of artifacts in telling an accurate history of the past.
  • Head To Head (adapted for all ages, two possible topics)- “Which food is most unique to Louisiana?” or “Who influenced Louisiana Culture More?” Students will work together to make group decisions. They will practice their discussion and persuasion skills before voting which “winner” will progress to the next round. Students may not be familiar with some of the people & foods used in these games, please use the links below to download a copy of the subjects used.
    Head to Head Game-People
    Head to Head Game-Food

Please contact our Education Coordinator, Ashley Franklin for more information or call 225-342-0500.