Remembering the Kingfish

Ice Cream Party 3
Wednesday, August 30th 2023
6:00 P.M.
All Ages

Take a look into the life and political journey of Huey P. Long, the charismatic figure who left an indelible mark on Louisiana. Professor Gabriel Mathy, a distinguished professor from American University, will virtually lead the audience on an exploration of Huey P. Long's multifaceted relationship with Baton Rouge in particular. The event, titled "Remembering the Kingfish" will shed light on Long's relationship with Baton Rouge, including his meteoric political ascent, his gubernatorial impeachment and battles with opposition forces, and his enduring control over Louisiana's political dynamics as a Senator. Long's impact on Baton Rouge's infrastructure will also be explored, highlighting his role in the creation of significant landmarks such as the new Capitol building, the Old Governor's Mansion, a Mississippi River bridge, and the expansion of LSU.