Old State Capitol Easter Egg Roll

Egg Roll
Sunday, March 3rd 2024
All Ages

The Old State Capitol is happy to announce the 2nd Annual Easter Egg Roll, taking place on Sunday, March 3. This event, reminiscent of the famous White House Easter Egg Roll, promises a day of fun, family-friendly activities.

Similar to the iconic White House tradition, the Old State Capitol Easter Egg Roll will feature age-based egg races. Guests 12 years old and under are invited to participate in these races scheduled at specific times throughout the day.

One of the highlights of the event is the opportunity for attendees to unleash their creativity by decorating and keeping their own wood eggs, which will then be used in the races.

The museum doors will be open from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM for Free First Sunday, providing an excellent opportunity for visitors to explore the rich history and exhibits within the Old State Capitol.

The event is free and open to the public, ensuring that everyone can partake in the festivities. In addition to the egg races and decorating activities, the Old State Capitol will offer various arts and crafts, as well as games, to keep attendees entertained throughout the day.

To ensure we have enough supplies, please fill out the form below indicating how many children will be participating.