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Women's Suffrage Movement:

Activities and information designed for Pre-Readers and Above
Lesson Plans and Activities to commemorate women's suffrage for pre readers
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Women's Suffrage Movement - Meeting Alice: Equal Rights for All
Activities for 5th Grade and Above
Women's Suffrage Movement
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Women's Suffrage Movement
Activity Sheet for High School and Above
Women's Suffrage High School Activity Sheet Women's Rights around the world

Additional Resources
A History of the Equal Rights Amendment

Sign of the Times: The Great American Political Poster 1844-2012:

How to make a Political Campaign Poster
DIY Campaign Poster
How to make your own poster step by step

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Sign of the Times Virtual Tour
Sign of the Times Gallery Guide

Lesson Plans & Activities (Grades 6-9)
Resources for Teachers Sign of the Times Lesson Plans and more

Information on Presidential Campaigns (1906-present)
Presidential Campaign Information

Presidential Word Search
Match the President to their term year

George Washington: The Myths and the Man

Make your own Washington artwork- instructions
Make your own Washington artwork page two

How to be a Revolutionary Spy

Color Washington's teeth

Cherry Bounce Recipe
6 Myths and some Facts

American Civics Resources for All Ages:

"Race to Ratify" American Civics Lessons