Lesson Plans for Current Exhibits

Current Exhibit: Victory from Within: The American POW Experience

The Victory From Within traveling exhibit allows students an opportunity to more closely interact with the stories and content of the American POW experience. Graphic panels and video kiosks provide additional content for students to explore and integrate into their curriculum work. While a field trip to the traveling exhibit is not mandatory for the Victory From Within Curriculum, it is highly encouraged.

Learning Objectives for Students

  • Analyze the content of the VFW traveling exhibit.
  • Summarize the POW experience.
  • Gather and synthesize information to create well-developed written responses.

Curriculum and Units

Unit 1: Sacrifice - Students will utilize multiple sources to analyze what happens when U.S. military personnel are captured by the enemy. Students will examine the Lieber Code, The Code of Conduct, and the Geneva Conventions and will interpret the impact of these guidelines on the POW experience in different wars.

Unit 2: Capture - Students will analyze multiple primary sources to learn about the daily life of a POW. Students critique the American POW experience during different 20th century wars and identify and evaluate the factors which impact the POW experience.

Unit 3: Prison Life - Students will analyze primary sources to explore the different ways people learned information about POWs while in captivity. Students will construct an understanding of the realities of the families of POWs and will analyze how families of POWs challenged and changed government protocols.

Unit 4: Those Who Wait - Students synthesize primary source documents to develop an understanding of repatriation and how repatriation impacts POWs. Students will also construct and defend their position on the cost of freedom.

Unit 5: Freedom - Students explain how POWs have sacrificed for our country. Students will use their creativity to create memorial designs to communicate the American POW experience. Students utilize a variety of media and presentation strategies to convey designs and plans.

Unit 6: Victory Project - On site at Louisiana’s Old State Capitol, Baton Rouge - Students analyze the content of the VFW traveling exhibit at Louisiana’s Old State Capitol, October 1st - December 20th, 2019. Students will summarize the POW experience and gather and synthesize information to create well-developed written responses.

Additional Resources

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