Our current exhibition, Lines with Power and Purpose:  Editorial Cartoons, displayed on the 2nd floor of Louisiana's Old State Capitol through September 2018, provides for great opportunities for teachers, particularly History and Political Science teachers from Middle School through High School.  Below are links to three lesson plans (with answer sheets) from Scholastic as well as a link with teacher notes and instructions.  Admission to the museum is free, so local kids can use the exhibit to help supplement their understanding of editorial cartoons and political history.
Other lesson ideas:
*How to Read a Newspaper (Teachers:  Papers are free the day afterward and can be picked up at any area store that sells them!)
*What Symbols Mean:  Uncle Sam stands for the U.S. (same initials), what about other symbols that represent political parties, countries, etc.?  Now we use Memes and other methods of getting today's symbols out to a culture that created them and understand them.
*Enter the Caption Contest at the Old State Capitol:  Students can fill out cartoon bubbles with an Old State Capitol theme within the exhibit or use these templates on-line and e-mail them to us.  Choose a template and add your own caption.  One has three symbolic birds (Can you identify what they represent?) Winners will be announced at the end of the exhibition run.
Click below for cartoon templates: